Trevor Stone's Pagan Page

This page is still under organizational development, so it will look prittier soon. It is a home for records of eclectic rituals I have organized and, in the future, musings about my spiritual beliefs. Dragonfest folks: I'll post the Math and Science ritual in a few days. I hope to have an essay on Nonverbal Ritual in a few weeks. Hah! Three and a half months later, I've done one. I {heart} the Goddess of Time Management.

The contents of this page are covered by copyright. Feel free to use them in your own spiritual practice (in whatever way you see fit). Please contact me if you wish to redistribute or repost them, though.


Potluck Tradition: A Manifesto Dish
I'd like to start one in the Denver area again soon. Let me know if you are interested.
The Experiential Mimetic Ritual section of my Review of Origins of the Modern Mind and A Mind So Rare.
Includes some of my reflections on ritual without words.


I Ching Ritual - July 4, 2001
Eight "quarter" calls bringing the symbolism of the I Ching into the framework of Celtic Neo-Pagan ritual. A few notes about the ritual's structure, too.
Energy Ritual - late July, 2001
A basic ritual playing with energy. Seven-way element calls.
Beltaine - May 1st, 2002
My notes for a Beltaine ritual. No comments, and it may be a little terse for your liking, but there it is.
Mabon - September 20th, 2002
A Mabon ritual written and led by Steven and I for the Pagan Student Alliance. Again, no comments, and the text doesn't mention the second half of the ritual: pairs of people explored their shared space nonverbally. We then formed a "circle" and tossed two balls of yarn around the room, creating a web of connections, again nonverbally.
Full Moon - November, 2002
Nothing particularly special, but it's got some nice (non-quarter) calls.
Love of Self, Another, and All - February 15th, 2003
A ritual about personal love in its many forms. Performed by eight people, each of whom called and represented one of the I Ching elements. Lots of comments and insights, and even a cool picture.
Ostara Egg Hunt - March 21st, 2003
A silly ritual of divination, mud cookies, and adults looking for eggs in the snow in the dark. Lots of comments.
Dark Side of the Moon - April 1st, 2003
Coming soon.
Math and Science Ritual - early August, 2003
A highly-participatory ritual all about math and science. Take part in a human finite state machine as you draw on your body, give yourself a gold star, meditate on a rock, and hug your neighbor.
Rosh Hashanah/Birthday - September 26th, 2003
A celebration of the Jewish New Year, my birthday, and meditations on the abstract omni deity G-d and the Human Diaspora. I think the calls are especially inpsired, and there's some good insight and tradition.