Java Applets by Trevor Stone

By day I write enterprise software in the Java programming language. Most of those projects are not of interest to the general public, but that work gives me the knowledge to create the following applets which may be.

To run these applets, you'll need to enable Java applet support in your browser (if it's not already). Unlike JavaScript, Java applets are well-contained and contain few security risks, though I can understand the desire to avoid applet-based banner adds. If old applets work but new ones don't, download the latest Java version.

[] Chaos Game
An applet to demonstrate the Chaos Game as explained at MathWorld, a way to generate fractals and other interesting patterns in a regular polygon.
Particle Board
An applet I wrote in my introductory college programming class (I was a junior in high school at the time). The code is far from stellar, but it demonstrates how much I've learned in the last ten years.