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Welcome, friend, and well met. You have arrived at the virtual home of Trevor Stone, joke teller and lore keeper, mountain explorer and gap minder, computer programmer and philosopher. Trevor is not in at the moment, but you may wander about in his virtual home and find information and entertainment. Portions of this site are astonishingly out of date but have been kept around for posterity's sake. The web is quite different than it was in 1994, so feel free to both appreciate and deride the dustier parts of this site. If you wish to follow the intimate details of Trevor's life, perhaps you ought to peruse his journal.

Who is this Trevor Stone person, anyway? What's on his Résumé?

Elizabethan Curses are loads of fun to make and say. Thou gorbellied empty-hearted dogfish!

Through my school years I've written several essays. If you'd like to know my ideas, or see how my writing has improved, get ready for some eclectic reading. I'm also starting to put some of my poems on the web. And there's always my high school graduation speech.

Verbs are one of the most useful parts of speech. I once made a list of 6785 of them.

The trisection of an angle is thought impossible. I made a proof that it can be done with successive approximations.

Now that I have a full-time job and own my car, I like to spend my disposable time and income traveling. I've written about my travels in China in early 2008 and posted many pictures from Guatemala and Honduras in 2009.

Lots of my free time goes to playing games. I've even made some pages about ones I play a lot.

Middle-earth Collectible Card Game combines the great background of J.R.R. Tolkien with excellent game play and wonderful art to make one of my favorite games. So much so that I took a stint at writing the Middle-earth Card of the Day.

Legend of the Five Rings is another collectible card game that I like. This one's set in oriental society and has elements of feudal Japanese culture, Eastern philosphy, battle, politics, and good art. This page is the home of the Monk Clan Letters and the Superior Tactics strategy column. The table is yours.

Another CCG that isn't as well known as the others, but which is fun to play, well designed, funny, and doesn't cost a lot is On the Edge, a game of surreal conspiracies.

The game that started this whole CCG thing is Magic: the Gathering. I only play occasionally anymore, but it's still pretty fun. The main page you'll find of interest here is 100 reasons why Magic is better than sex (not for the humor impaired).

The other game page on this site is MWAEZBE an interactive web labyrinth I designed that any browser can play. Try to get to room 41 where a riddle is hid.

My random signature includes some of my favorite short quotes. You can also read some of my favorite quotes about sex.

My web browser has some helpful buttons. Now yours can too.

Finally, if you're in a creative mood, you might want to enter one of my contests. They cover everything from cans of spam to towels to vogon poetry. They don't cost anything, you don't win anything, but they're worth a couple laughs.

Particle Board is a Java program I made for a programming class. It demonstrates what happens when you place pegs on a board and then drop balls onto the board.

Do you support peace, or are you a hypocrite? May the U.S. learn to play well with others.

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Free Speech Online Blue Ribbon Campaign Support free speech on the Internet. If I'm right, people should be able to hear my views. If I'm wrong, people should be able to hear my views along with an explanation of why they're wrong. Censorship doesn't protect people, only sinister interests.

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