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MWAEZBE: A Web Labyrinth

FIDO Blue Ribbon site of the day for June 15, 1995

" with 400+ winners. Could you be next?"

This is, as far as I know, one of the only games on the web where you don't need forms, imagemaps, java, images, frames, or anything else not supported by all browsers. (If you have trouble with displaying the maze, let me know, I may be able to fix it. Let me know any little problem, and I'll fix it right away.) The object is to get from room #1 to room #41 and solve the riddle there. To move from room to room, you just simply follow the link. (For those of you who are newbies out there, that means "click on the number, hit return, whatever"). Each room contains a map of the maze showing room numbers, your location, and a link to each accessable room. If you want to take a break and come back later and don't want to have to renavigate the entire maze, take note of the path you follow or mark down the URL when you leave.

I designed this as "an entertaining puzzle that one could explore in their leisure time or to take a break from the everyday pressures of being a cybersurfer." I hope you enjoy it.

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