This page is under construction. Eventually, it will have several papers and other projects I've done in various classes. Currently, it just has essays, a high-fi prototype of a book-finding website for my User Interface Design course, design documentation for my Cronos, my senior project (and hopefully some usable code soon), ray traced spheres in ASCII art, and a few Java applets: Sim, a lines-and-dots game; Particle Board, a bouncing ball simulation; and EighthBall, a fortune-telling device. When I feel like it, I'll do the rest. I'm debating whether research papers count as essays or "school projects." I suppose I'll put my papers on Music Classification and Recognition, Topic Boundary Detection in Internet Chat, User Interface for Interactive Books, and Review of Merlin Donald's Origins of the Modern Mind and A Mind So Rare here. And with my Masters Comprehensive Exam, Parameterization of Naïve Bayes for Spam Filtering, I can finally say I can use LaTeX.
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