A computer game based on the classic board game TITAN


Brendan Billingsley
Gabriel DiGiacomo
David Kramer
Trevor Stone
Craig Swift

Design Specification

December 11th, 2001

Project Proposal

This project will take a prototype software model for a board game known as TITAN and turn it into a usable game. The objective of the project will be twofold; first, to create an AI engine against which a person may play the game; second, to add networking capability to the game allowing up to six human or computer players on different computer to play the game. The game will support up to a maximum of six players.

The project will not be about fancy graphics or real-time interaction as the TITAN game itself doesn't require it at all. It will be about robust network performance; in particular the issue of multiple players behind different NAT firewalls being addressed in a clean and concise fashion.

The application will be written in perl/tk and run on any color workstation supporting UNIX that is capable of running the perl interpreter and tk window toolkit.

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