Particle Board

By Trevor Stone

For CSCI 1300, Spring 1997. Karl Winklman, professor

The purpose of this applet is to demonstrate the effects of objects dropped from a single spot over a field of pins. Theoretically, with a high enough number of objects they will end up in a formation at the bottom resembling a normal curve.

This applet is called Particle Board because, unlike standard models which use marbles and nails, the particles in this example never really stop moving, and when they are held up they move back and forth in a manner similar to particles.

This applet is fairly straightforward. There are 6 kinds of objects you can choose from the second menu from the left. To place an object, merely select your choice from the menu and then click anywhere on the board for the object to appear.

The "Stop Particles" button stops the movement of the particles so that you can place objects, clear the screen, etc. The "Clear" button will wipe the entire screen (it may take a while so be patient). The "Redraw" button will redraw everything that's supposed to be on the screen.

This applet tends to run slow when run with a browser, and even when viewed with a standalone viewer. Depending on the speed the particles may not move very fluidly. When you think something should be displayed but is not, try placing an object (like a blank) or refreshing your browser.

Go ahead and have fun!

If you are running a Javaized browser there is something wrong, make sure you can correctly view applets. If not, I'd like to provide a text only page, but the whole point is the applet...

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