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Superior Tactics, a weekly strategy column, is now up. Submit your article today!

Recent additions: Legal Boilerplate for card suggestions.
Lots of lists have recently been updated to include Fire and Shadow. | Archive for the Brotherhood mailing list

This page isn't complete yet. No work is ever complete, modifications can always be made. So far, I've managed a fairly thorough enlightenment guide and a page for the Monk letters.

Regardless, my page probably won't be as cool as Jeff Alexander's, rules archive (as well as lots of other cool stuff), Zen's Steel and Iron Deathseeker, The Pearl Herald, Bayushi Dracula's page, Websune, Don Eisele's search engine or the History of Rokugan pages, nor as helpful as the Worldwide Player Database. At least it will be easier to load than the official Wizards of the Coast page.

If you're not a member of the imperial assembly, you can still catch up on what your clan's been doing. I host the Monk Clan Letters.

I salvaged the humor from Allan Seyberth's page, as well as some from elsewhere.

Gamer's World died, so Zen asked my to put up his enlightenment victory column. I've also got a ring-by-ring strategy guide. For quick access, select the rings above and to the left. If you'd like to talk about Monk and Enlightenment strategies, send a message to with a body of subscribe
I've also added a list of cards which work with the Master of Five event.

Monk decks people have sent me, I've yet to organize them: 1 2 3 4

As a fanatic Usenet participant, I copied Ryan Dancey's "the story so far" posts, which start with Scorpion Clan Coup and run up to Jade Edition.

I've also posted some interesting decks:

In the miscelaneous corner: fun things to do with a Night Medallion

I'm Koku for Toku Puffs!

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