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Monk Letters

Since the Monks only "became a clan" in Crimson and Jade, our letters started when the other clans were on #5. This numbering scheme has been kept to ease browsing.

  1. The game began, there were no Monks in view of the Empire
  2. Shadowlands brought one Monk, still no Stronghold
  3. Forbidden Knowledge also brought one Monk. By this time all people knew about us is we followed the path of wisdom and didn't like followers or items.
  4. Anvil of Dispair brought Yodin and a Bo Stick for him to play with.
  5. Monk Letter 5, written to all Clans by the pen of Shinsei
  6. Monk Letter 6, set down by Tetsuya as the Thunders readied for the final battle against Yogo Junzo
  7. Monk Letter 7, signed Shinsei after the Day of Thunder with words of what is to come
  8. Monk Letter 8, penned by Suana from the halls of the Akodo during the Socrpion Clan Coup; accompanied by a letter by Ikoma Kaoku
  9. Monk Letter 9, sent from Hoshi as the Naga attack the Dragon
  10. Monk Letter 10, in which Ikudaiu pleads with our brothers to stop the Naga/Dragon conflict
  11. Monk Letter 11, where Takao informs us of an attack on the Mountain of the Seven Thunders and concerns for the furture understanding of the Tao
  12. Monk Letter 12, a report by Yodin of the War in the Heavens, the defeat of Lord Moon, and The Grey Crane, who speaks of the True Tao.

Other Clan Letters:
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