Letter 8


The prophecies of Uikku begin to foretell of occurrences which match those around us. The rise of the Scorpion and the fall of the line of Hantei are the events surrounding the return of the great Evil, the time for which we have prepared since the First Shinsei walked upon the lands of Rokugan. As I write this, I wait in the stronghold of the Lion, watching their preparations for war against the usurper of Otosan Uchi. The Matsu have ordered the Akodo to stand down and allow their Heroine to lead the battle, and without my student, Toturi, I believe the Akodo will do as they say.

There are those among us who do not believe that the legends are true, that the descendant of Shinsei will return to us, only last night, as I rested in meditation, I saw a strange hooded figure enter my dreams, travelling to our temples as if from a great distance. He is coming, and when he arrives, we must be ready to follow him, even if it means our lives.

I will remain here, among the Lion, for as long as I am able. If Toturi lives, and returns to us, he will need our support in the coming time of trouble, for I believe that his destiny is intertwined our own. The hooded figure I have seen echoed in my dreams will lead us all, and Rokugan must be ready for the conflict to come. Prepare them, my brothers, and prepare yourselves.


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