Letter 9

My brothers,

You have welcomed us with open arms. With dedication, and faith in the words of Tao, you have opened your temples, your sacred ground, and you have aided us when our need was great. It is with a heavy heart that I must ask you, one more time, to answer my call.

In the dark corridors of my father's palace, Hitomi walks with blackened eyes. The obsidian hand she bears gives her no rest, and I fear her quest to restore my father's life has driven her mad. The Naga fight like men with something to hide - each step they take into Dragon Mountains slaughters more of their people, but they do not seem to care. Genocide, in the name of duty.

The Naga armies have swarmed across the Kitsuki provinces, ravaged Kyuden Kitsuki. Last Step Castle has been besieged, and its foundations are covered in Dragon blood. To the south, on the Crane territories, and in the far south, we have heard the sad news of the loss of one of the Thunders - the Crab Champion, Hida Yakamo, and his men have been lost to the Shadowlands in a valiant attempt to regain their lost fortress. Most importantly, we must find the lost Emperor. In his name, atrocities are being performed by those once loyal to him, and only his word can bring peace to this disintegrating nation. Only he can help us bring wisdom to our sister in her dark mountains - only Toturi can call upon the Naga's oath to Rokugan, and help us bring wisdom to Hitomi's maddened siren song.

The war must be stopped. I do not know the ways of the New Tao, but I know that Dragons were never meant to be slaughtered like animals. If we can break through the riddles which once protected us - if we can reach our sister's side, I know that I can restore her mind. Then, together, we can renew the path of the Dragon Clan, and find the mysteries that Togashi prepared for us, so long ago.


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