Free Hug Coupons

Many years ago, in the early 1990s or late 1980s, my family received in the mail a Free Hug Coupon. "Reusable! Does not expire!" it said. As a hippie family who believe in love and hugs, We've kept it on the refrigerator ever since. Someone periodically grabs it and hands it to the nearest family member. Fast forward to 2005. I'd attended Burning Man the previous year, but would not attend in '05. But when I learned that the Black Rock City Post Office accepted incoming mail, I started scheming of ways I could participate without attending. And then I remembered the Free Hug Coupon. "Fabulous!" I said. "I can send a whole batch of laminated Free Hug Coupons to Snuggletown for distribution. Since you may not have attended Burning Man either, here are downloadable Free Hug Coupons. Or you can make your own! Send me a PDF of your creative hug-inducing production and I'll link to it here.