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Essays by Trevor Stone

Below are several essays I've written since my freshman year of high school. These are presented in reverse chronological order (newest first). Essays written more recently tend to be better written, but they've all got some good ideas. If you are looking for essays to copy, paste, print, and turn in, you have a deep misunderstanding of the philosophy of education. I'm not going to stop you, since you're cheating yourself.

Do you disagree with an opinion I express? Good! Send me mail and we can argue about it :-) I may well have changed opinions since I entered college. I'll try to get my recent work online soon.

Not School Related


To the Republic, Four Witches Stand
The phrase "under God" isn't the important issue -- kids shouldn't be forced to say the pledge at al.

College (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Spring 2001

Scouting the Territory of Self-Control
Both the philosophical and psychological literature lack good theories about self-control and weakness of will. This paper presents ways of thinking about self-control and ethics in helpful ways.

College Papers While Still in High School (Fall 1997)

Self is Personal Identity Over Time
A philosophy paper about the nature of self and personal identity over time, including examples of multiple personalities and split brain transplants.
A Critique of the Design Argument
A critique of the argument for the existance of god by design, aka the watch and the watchmaker, etc.

High School

Senior (Fall 1997-Spring 1998)

Graduation Speech
I'm quite proud of the applause I got as I gave this speech.
Life is Like A War of Chocolates
An essay about western students discussing The Art of War and how people should see life.

Junior (Fall 1996-Spring 1997)

Just What is Justice
An essay examining the nature of justice.
On Age and Society
An essay on age and our society.
On Games
An essay about why people play games.
On Uncertainty
I think this is kind of an essay about being kind of uncertain.
Information for Those Who Would Remove to Cyberspace
An essay comparing the history of the Internet and human societies from an economic standpoint.
"You Write an Essay Like a Boy"
An essay about "throwing like a girl" and what's behind that statement.

Sophomore (Fall 1995-Spring 1996)

Progress and Regression
A short essay on progress and regression. For each step we take forward, we take one back.
An essay about how Eeyore resembles parts of our society.
The Meaning of Life
An essay about the meaning of life.
The Path to the Meaning of Life
How I found the path to the meaning of life. Similar to, but more structured than, the above essay.
The World Wide Web: Politics, Capitalism, and Censorship in Cyberspace
How the WWW has helped and hurt the internet as a whole.

Freshman (Fall 1994-Spring 1995)

The Wisdom of the Fool
A philosophy paper about how fools are sometimes wise.
The Inner Child
An essay abour your inner child.

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