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An Essay By Trevor Stone

January 1996, Sophomore Year, New Vista High School

Cue music Why are we here? What should we do? It's a mystery to me, and to you! It's Trevor Stone and the Meaning of Life! End music Roll credits.

No subject has been the cause of more late nights of thought, more books, and bloody wars, than the meaning of life. More answers have been given, more ideas formulated, and more people have been oppressed for the meaning of life than any other cause. And still, a definitive answer has not yet been given.

Perhaps no definition presented has been adopted as the truth is because there is no true meaning of life. Not that there is not a meaning to life, but that there is no meaning for everybody. And in order for something to be true, it must be true in every case.

So what is the meaning of life? Find out yourself. Well, actually, that's the path to the meaning of life. If you could follow each drop of water from the spring to the lake, you would notice that none follow the exact same path. None turn right and left at the exact same time as any others, none splash up at the exact places than any other drops splash up from, and they all are affected differently when a dog runs through the river.

It is, therefore, not without consequence that in the stream of human life that every person is different, the think differently, they see differently, and they act differently. And if their life is different, the meaning that life presents must also be different.

This is the path to the meaning of life. To live, to think, to be. And find your own road. Some people may lead you to the road and give you directions, but if you follow anybody down the road, then you will only find the meaning that they found, which is not nearly as good.

And as you travel the path, take in the scenery. It is by observing life that you will discover its meaning.

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