Energy Ritual

by Trevor Stone

In this ritual, participants play with energy of various sorts. This is a fun ritual to perform, can be done almost anywhere, and can be done with any group of people, from folks who just met to a circle of lifelong friends.

Direction Calls

As with most of my rituals, I only wrote calls and left dismissals to the whim of the dismisser. The location for which I wrote this ritual felt like more than four elements were at play. Furthermore, this ritual uses the earth and sky a lot, so it felt appropriate to call more of a sphere than a circle. The giant (standing in for the God Ymir and Goddess Yhi seemed appropriate. If you have other needs, choose other patrons.

Turn first to the east
Power of fire
Spirit of the beast
Make us perspire

Turn now to the west
Power of water
Milk from the breast
Filled with otter

Face now the north
Power of stone
Support us as we go forth
Keep us safe at home

Turn last to the south
Power of life
Breath from the mouth
Overcoming strife

Look up at the sky
Skull of Ymir
From reaches so high
Watch over us here

Look down to the earth
Creatress Yhi
Mother giving birth
So that we may be

Look now within
Element of spirit
Ephemerally thin
Speak, let us hear it.

The circle is cast, we are between the worlds.


It is time now to play with circle energies. These are all to be done in a circle. Pass deosil to build energy, widdershins to drain energy. Feel free to add or remove exercises as you see fit.

Passing energy with linked hands
Everyone joins hands. One person starts the energy flow by squeezing the hand of his neighbor. She then squeezes the next person in the circle and so on. After you feel the energy passing via hands, stop squeezing and feel the energy flow through arms and bodies in the circle.
Forming energy and sending it through air
This portion uses energy balls. Create these as you see fit. Generally, focus for a while. Rub your hands if it helps. Feel energy flowing from the ground through your torso and out your arms into a sphere in your hand. Begin to shape it and color it, or see what shapes and colors it takes naturally.
After forming an energy ball, hold it for a while and feel its energy. Observe its color. Then pass it to the next person in the circle. Let them play with it, add to it, take from it, change its color, change its shape, etc. See if people can tell what color it is as they receive it.
Once you have passed a ball around the circle (several times, if you wish), ground the energy. Try passing the ball across the circle rather than hand to hand. Is it hard to catch?
Passing energy by shakes
Everyone stand up. One person begins shaking a part of her body. After shaking for a while, she looks another person in the circle in the eye, thereby passing the shake. The recipient shakes the part of his body that the previous person shook. He then passes the shake through his body to another body part, continuing the chain. For more of a challenge, have people keep shaking after passing. When a person receives a shake, add it to her previous shake. Eventually, everyone will be shaking their entire bodies.
Building energy by music
Remain standing. One person begins by making some sort of rhythm. Typically this is a body noise, like stomping feet, snapping fingers, vocal noises, or hand slapping, but you could easily use musical instruments. Once the initator has played for a while, the next person in the circle starts making her own noise while the initiator keeps playing. Once everyone is making music, use the ensemble to build energy.
Building energy by dance
This can easily happen at the same time as the previous stage. Each person can adopt their own dance move, the circle as a whole moves (deosil or widdershins).
Building and releasing energy by tones, a.k.a. cone of power
Stand, linking hands. Everyone begins the intonation simultaneously with a low hum. Slowly increase tone and volume. Picture the energy forming a cone about the circle. Once the tone reaches its high point, everyone releases the cone with a big yell, then drop to your knees and ground the energy in your hands. Alternatively, build this as an orgasm rather than a hum.


Make sure to ground any excess energy. Be sure to thank the sky and earth for receiving your energy. Have the person who called each element dismiss that element in whatever way moves her.

Discuss what you felt in each stage. This sort of practice can often lead to surprising shared experiences and can help people bond.