Many Turns and Doublings

While there are no automobiles in Middle-earth, there's a card for them...

Many Turns and Doublings # Resource # Short-event
Ranger only. Cancel an attack by Wolves, Spiders, Animals, or Undead. Alternatively, if Gates of Morning is in play, decrease the hazard limit against the ranger's company by one (no minimum).

Okay, so this works if you're walking instead of driving, though it can drive your opponent up the wall ;-) It has two very nice features and is easy to play, though the second one doesn't happen as often due to the Gates requirement.

First off, this is a very cool cancelation card. It requies a ranger, but any company without a ranger has to be taking risks anyway. When I first read the card I said "oh, how nice, a card to deal with wolf/spider/animal decks" and put it away waing for a Gates based deck. Then Dark Minions came around and I was rereading the card and noticed the fourth kind of creature it can deal with: undead. That's right, why tap a scout for Concealment when you can whip out Many Turns and Doublings against that Chill Douser? Your opponent, holding a poised Searching Eye will utter the immortal "d'oh!" and maybe even reconsider playing the Barrow-wight. If nothing else, put some copies of this card in your sideboard and break 'em out when you find your opponent's playing an undead deck. Of course, this can also come in handy against a Shelob attack, but on the whole, Undead are nastier and more often faced than the animals. And if you add Dark Quarrels and maybe a dragon or nazgul canceller or two, you'll be able to cancel just about anything that comes along. You can even build your deck around Many Turns/Vanish in Sunlight and visit sites like Barrow-downs, Isles of the Dead That Live, Dead Marshes, etc.

Beyond cancelling, this card really shines when Gates of Morning is on the table. Suppose your hazard limit is four. Your opponent taps Adunaphel to tap a character, returns her with Morgul-horse, plays Fell Beast, and is then crestfallen when you announce that the hazard limit is now three and has been reached. Thank you, come again. Or perhaps your copmpany of four Hobbits (including Samwise) plays two Many Turns and Doublings during organization phase. No character is tapped and no hazards may be played (and most of the ones which don't count against the hazard limit have to have an attack to modify beforehand. The most you can expect to face is an auto-attack or any long/permanent-events. In fact, this is one of the only cards in the game that reduces something without limit, and this lets you work better with single character companies. The only bad part is the requirement of Gates, but most Gates decks want to avoid mean and nasty creatures anyway, so this card fits right in. It's not so useful in a large company, but you never know, that sevent hazard might tap your final character :-)

So if you plan on Gates, put this card in. If you fear undead, put this card in. Otherwise, put it in the sideboard incase you run into some nasty undead.

Ratings for Many Turns and Doublings:
Isildur: 8.6
Bandobras Took: 8.0
Farmer Maggot: 8.5
Samwise: 7.1
Strider: 9.0
Fingolfin: 9.0
Beorn: 7.2
Frodo: 8.0
Legolas: 8.0
Average: 8.2

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