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Vanish in Sunlight!

Resource: Short-Event

Modify the prowess of one Nazgul or Undead attack by -2 (by -4 if Gates of Morning is in play).

Vanish in Sunlight is a great card for all kinds of uses. Its very simple effect of reducing Nazgul or Undead prowess is nonetheless useful for a wide variety of situations. The main time to use this is, of course, against a Nazgul or Undead attack. You can play it to make Nazgul seem more normal and Undead seem downright weak. Especially with the rarely-out Gates of Morning. This card is more likely to be used against Nazgul than Undead, since Undead are generally not very powerful and in many situations you don't need to worry about them. Therefore, this card is best to use with any strategy which ventures into Nazgul-patrolled spaces, allowing you an additional safety against an unfortunate Nazgul attack. You can also use it for shadow-lands and holds, since those are sometimes Nazgul-filled with Fell Beast. Finally, you can use this to counter one of the often-important elements of a corruption deck, undead-forced corruption checks. This card can effectively eliminate those, too. However, you still do need a decent character to counter these attacks, even if it's not as dangerous as before for them, so against Khamul or whoever Glorfindel-level characters are still needed. Overall, Vanish in Sunlight is a nice little assistant against those nasty and often very destructive Nazgul attacks.
Gandalf7.0Farmer Maggot7.0

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