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Wind of Wrath

Hazard: Short-Event (Dragons Preview)

Playable only if Doors of Night is in play on a company traveling through a Coastal Sea region. Replace site card of moving company with a card from your location deck that has a Coastal Sea in its site path.

Nice. Another teleporter. This one lets you transport your OPPONENT to any place with Coastal Seas in the site path. Think about that. Makes those peaceful waters a little more violent. After all, you can transport them to some rather dangerous place with Coastal Seas in the site path (like Southron Oasis or Variag Camp). This card's particularly dangerous in moving to Havens, Grey Havens that is, and therefore in Starter movement all the sites nearest to it. That's a total of only three sites, yes, but one of them's the Blue Mountain Dwarf-Hold, a good place for bringing out Dwarves and storing Dwarven items. Another use is to counter a Will of Sauron / Snowstorm strategy. When your opponent goes over to Grey Havens and plays this, hoping to be able to keep it a few turns staying on the coast, play this to send them over to Mordor instead. Or if they try to send a weak company around the normal terrain by sending them on Coastal seas, where so few creatures even can key to, play this to send them right on back onto the land and into danger. There is the little problem of Doors of Night, though that's really not much since it's in play so often anyway. And there aren't that many coastal sites, so unless Dragons has more (well there were so many little ports around there I can remember from various things, I'm sure they can find a few, or maybe one of the Dragons will be a sea-serpent...) it's not worth putting in that much on the off chance (though I might anyway if I have extra space, since it's so powerful if you do pull it off). Overall, Wind of Wrath is a great card to have in some situations for blowing someone completely off course, but can sometimes be just a wasted extra card.
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