Hazard: Creature or Permanent-event
Marshalling Points: 6
Prowess/Body: 18/9

Unique. Spider. May be played as a hazard creature (with one strike) or as a permanent-event. As a creature, may be played at any site in Imlad Morgul or Gorgoroth.
If Doors of Night is in play, Shelob may also be played as a permanent-event that gives +1 prowess and +1 strikes to all Spider and Animal attacks. She may opt to attack from a permanent-event state and recieve these bonuses, but her attack counts for one against the hazard limit. Discard when Shelob attacks or when Doors of Night leaves play.

Wow! A non-Nazgul hazard creature that's at least as good as the Nazgul themselves. Her only disadvantage from the Nazgul is that she's not playable at all dark-domains and dark-holds, just sites in the two deadliest regions in the game. Still, she's another good way to keep parties away from destroying The One Ring (other than my preferred strategy, save up Nazgul when they get close to Mount Doom so you can unleash all 9 plus The Pale Sword on a large but unsuspecting company and totally annihilate them).

Let's first deal with the basics. 18/9. The highest non-modified prowess of any hazard creature, shared only with Khamul the Easterling (the second best Nazgul next to the Witch-King, IMHO). Body high enough so that it's unlikely she'd be defeated (6 marshalling pts., yes, but at what cost victory?). A spider, so none of those tricksy Eowyn or Galva dodges (+6 prowess for them and half body for opponent).

Plus her other feature, which makes the card even better. First, to other attacks her second skill is pretty useful. Spider and Animal attacks can be pretty tough, especially with +1 prowess and, more importantly, +1 strike. But her real power lies in playing it on herself. 19/9, and TWO strikes. Almost guaranteed to at least wound and possibly kill two characters. The hazard limit factor doesn't matter much with this great a creature.

Of course, if you play all the Nazgul Permanent-Events except The Witch King, and then play him and The Pale Sword, you get a 26/12 creature, even better, but 19/9 is nothing to sneeze at. Especially with 2 strikes. There's only one problem with this; it needs Doors of Night to pull off. But that's not too major, since any decent deck should have several Doors of Nights in it. Overall, this is an extremely good hazard, which belongs in almost any deck.

Ratings for: SHELOB

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