Morgul Horse

Hazard: Short-event

This card allows you to place a tapped Nazgul permanent-event back into your hand instead of discarding it. Alternatively, allows a Nazgul to be played keyed to a Shadow-land [s].

Hmm. Fairly good, with a few useful effects, though all of them can come from other cards. The Nazgul are Abroad and Fell Beast. Though it does have a little advantage over those in some ways, it also has a disadvantage in others.

First, the permanent-event recycling. This is quite useful, though its exact usefulness depends on the event. From an insanely useful one like Ren the Unclean (makes everyone make a corruption check, I'm reviewing him in #70) to a mediocre one like Dwar of Waw (IMHO). Or also good ones to recycle like Uvatha (regenerates a Hazard creature, #71). Though its main feature over The Nazgul are Abroad is that it doesn't help your opponent too.

It also has a disadvantage, it only happens once compared to The Nazgul are Abroad's every turn.

Now the other effect. It's also useful, since there are a fair number of Shadow-lands and it therefore significantly increases your chance of getting your Nazgul played. Though once again, another card, Fell Beast, does that effect, in addition to several others. The main reason to play this over that is that with this you don't have the other effects, mostly beneficial but Fell Beast does lower prowess by 2.

There's not that much more to say about this card. Its main other use is just as a backup for those two, since it has an effect from both of them and you can stock another few in your deck of this.

Overall, a middlish card, which has some nice features but there are better cards.

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