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Doors of Night

Hazard: Permanent-Event

Environment. All resource environment cards in play are immediately discarded, and all resource environment effects are cancelled. Cannot be duplicated.

Gates of Morning

Resource: Permanent-event

Environment. All environment hazard cards in play are immediately discarded, and all hazard environment effects are cancelled. Cannot be duplicated.

At first glance, the cards look moderately good, but not that great (since there aren't too many environment cards yet). But before moving on to their more major effect, let's deal with the listed abilities.

Each of them basically cancels the opposite type of environment, including each other (one of their many uses, in fact, is to nullify a Doors or Gates-based opponent strategy with the opposite one). Most of what environment cards do is enhance abilities of other cards or change site and region types. This is still a potentially powerful thing, but not nearly as much as their other abilities (particularly in Doors of Night, from all the cards I've seen). In fact, this is more useful with Doors of Night, for nullifying many corruption cards like Lures (the one environment I know of that doesn't just enhance abilities of change land types). Remember - these apply to both you and your opponent, though, so if you have a useful environment out you may not want to play these.

Their main ability, however, is to enhance other cards directly. I can't count the number of hazards out there that have the line, "If Doors of Night is in play, xxxxx". These effects range from small (such as increasing the prowess of body of a creature slightly) to moderate (making a card a good deal more usable, like in Daelomin), to required (for cards like Will of Sauron which require it in play).

Gates of Morning has far less effect than Doors of Night, with only a handful of resources being affected by it, making its purposes mostly the listed one and the capability to nullify an opponent's Doors of Night. Doors of Night, on the other hand, is almost essential to any Hazard deck, since so many cards require or benefit from it.

This overall makes Doors of Night better, although purely by the card face I would rate them identical, with merely the words hazard and resource switched.

Ratings for: Doors / Gates
Tom Bombadil10.0/10.0

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