Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 4
Region Keys: See below
Site Keys: See below
Prowess/Body: 13/8

Unique. May be played at Dancing Spire.
Dragon. Three strikes. Attacker chooses defending characters.
If Doors of Night is in play, may also be played keyedto Grey Mountain Narrows, Iron Hills, Northern Rhovanion,and Whithered Heath, and may also be played at sitesin those regions.

Boy, that's powerful. Almost as good as the Nazgul (I'm not reviewingmy first of them for another week or so). As with most hazard creatures,there's really not that much strategy to this card, so bear with me if Iseem a little thin on ideas.

The first (and most obvious) feature of this card is simply its rawpower. 13/8 can make almost any party unhappy. Especially if you haveDragon's Desolation (and for those of you who don't, it gives one dragonattack +2 prowess or makes it playable at any ruins and lairs site thathas 2 wilderness (1 with doors of night) in its sight path). That'spractically essential with it, actually, since it also makes it possibleto play Daelomin at a lot more sites (his main weakness being a lack of sites to play him at).

The other feature is the fact that the attacker chooses the defendingcharacters. If your opponent's wizard isn't enhanced much (and you've got amodifier or two on Daelomin) you might try that to do your opponentserious harm (especially if you have some other powerful cards in hand toplay on him and possibly kill his wizard with). You can also pick on someweak but special-abilitied characters. You can wound as many as THREE ofyour opponent's characters with him, too.

But there's a bad part of Daelomin as well. If your opponent has afairly powerful team, they may be able to defeat him (though it requiresthree strikes with 13 or more prowess PLUS three body checks that fail the dragon'sbody of 8) and get the 4 marshalling points. Overall,though, he's a nice card.

Ratings for: DAELOMIN
Tom Bombadil7.0
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