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Hazard: Creature
Marshalling Points: 1
Playable at: Shadow-holds, Shadow-lands, Dark-holds, Dark-domains
Prowess/Body: 12/-

Undead. One strike. After the attack, each character wounded by Barrow-wight makes a corruption check modified by -2.

From a quick glance this looks like a fairly dull card. 12 prowess, no body, only one strike. The Undead classification is nice, they do get a fair amount of help from other cards, but there are better Undead creatures. And Barrow-wight's only playable at shadow and dark areas. Now sure, this could have some uses already. It can almost definitely kill Hobbits, unless they roll an 11 or 12 (or have enhancers). But since you can't choose which character defends this your opponent can just use one with a better chance of defeating the wight. Still, even then there is a pretty good chance of Barrow-wight winning, even though it's not that high with many characters. But if it does win, and it certainly can happen, then Barrow-wight really shines. It gives any character wounded by the wight, already in a fairly bad situation, a -2 corruption check. Combined with strategic use of Lures this can really be a killer. Or better yet The One Ring and Lures, since everyone in its company has an extra -1 to checks. Of course there is the one problem that Hobbits are the most likely characters to be wounded by this, and all of them get at a minimum enough of a corruption bonus to cancel this out. And with three of them more. But with some corruptible characters this can be quite helpful, acting as almost a better version of Weariness of the Heart against characters it wounds. So overall, Barrow-wight is a creature with mediocre statistics but a good special ability.
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