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Hazard: Creature or Permanent-event
Site Keys: Dark-Holds
Region Keys: Dark-Domains
Marshalling Points: 5
Prowess/Body: 15/10

Unique. Nazgul (7th). May be played as a hazard creature (with one strike) or as a permanent-event. As a creature, may also be played keyed to Brown Lands, Dagorlad, Gorgoroth, and Western Mirkwood; and may also be played at sites in these regions. If played as a permanent-event, it will remain in play until tapped during the opponent's movement/hazard phase (tapping counts against the hazard limit). When tapped, Adunaphel becomes a short-event and causes any one character to tap.

Pretty good, actually. Regions as good as Khamul, and also a possibly (though not incredibly) good ability.

First the basic card. 15/10, completely average in that respect. The same is true with the 5 M.P. The regions are quite good. A wilderness and two shadow-lands, plus Gorgoroth. And they're nicely spread out around that area, too, so this is another Radagast-buster.

But now the main thing, the special ability. It's one of the better ones, though it's not that good. Tapping a character can have a variety of uses. The first is the simple attack modifier, -1. A little useful to help an attack, and unlike other cards that do this it has other uses. Another use is just making your opponent wait a turn or more to bring out some item (timing can be critical on getting The One Ring out first, and other things). Play this on a character, recycle it with Morgul Horse or The Nazgul are Abroad, then play it again. You can keep doing this to both drive your opponent mad and to keep them from being able to get that needed item. This is also useful with various other spells etc. which require a character to be untapped. And finally with any cards (in future expansions if not now) which penalize for being tapped. Your opponent must, however, have a small company for the item use, or else someone else can just get it (though in faction races you can dramatically lower their chance by taking out their Wizard).

Overall, therefore, Adunaphel ranks with most Nazgul around the midrange for overall ability (possibly a bit ahead for regions), and the same for special ability.

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