Fell Beast

Hazard: Short-event

The number of strikes of one Nazgul hazard creature is increased by one andits prowess is decreased by 2. Attacker chooses defending characters.Additionally, target Nazgul may be played keyed to a Shadow-land [s] orShadow-hold [S]. Cannot be duplicated on a given Nazgul.

WOW! This card is one of the main reasons why I love Nazgul. It's also thething that completely removes almost any advantage dragons have over them.It has three good features and one (slight) problem. First, as always, thefeatures.

It increases the number of strikes by one. I already went overthe advantages of this in Hoarmurath of Dir, but let's quickly go overthem again. Instead of just increasing the power of one strike, it givesyou an ENTIRE EXTRA ONE. That's almost as good as doubling the prowess,better in some ways. And that's not the only feature of this card, either,so that's one of its advantages over Hoarmurath (though it only works onNazgul while Hoarmurath works on any attack).

Next, this card lets theattacker choose defending characters. Now that's a feature. There are noother cards in the game that do this, and only 6 or so that have theability. And it's an incredibly powerful ability, too. Instead of usingGlorfindel or Beorn to defend against an attack, now you can choose, andkill all those Hobbits (though you don't need a Nazgul to do that) andeven Wizards (usually the last choice to defend against a Nazgul attack).It removes one of the two restrictions in killing almost anyone you wantwith a Nazgul attack (the other being the body check, which there is noway of removing but you can make it more likely to fail). Think of thiswith Khamul. With Morgul-Knife, it's an almost automatic three-card comboto wound a wizard.

And there's one more feature, too. You can key Nazgulto Shadow-lands and holds. It makes a lot more sites and regionsdangerous, and unlike many cards that let this happen (or convert Shadowto Dark) it automatically works and doesn't need an extra card.

There isone problem with this card - it does reduce prowess by 2, but it's worthit for the effects it gives.

Overall, this card has three greatNazgul-enhancing effects packed into one, pretty much necessary in anyNazgul deck.

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