Continuing with cards that tend to be useful in sealed deck, here is another faction, this one, though, is not as good as most of them.

Dunlendings # Resource # Man Faction # 2 MP
Unique. Playable at Dunnish Clan-hold if the influence check is greater than 9. Standard Modifications: Men (-1), Dunedain (-1), Dwarves (-1).

In general, factions are a pretty good source of MPs. While they do not give bonuses (other than MPs) while in play (like items, allies, and characters), and they are vulnerable to influence attacks, they are both playable in places without auto-attacks and they do not impart any corruption.

This faction is one of the standard, fairly safe, 2 MP factions. However, it is one of the toughest factions to bring in. The influence number is 9, which is exceeded only by Returned Exiles. Also, the only modifications are negative. This faction is almost as hard to influence in as the Southrons, a 5 MP faction! The only character with a plus to this faction is Peath, who is at an unmodified 4 DI. Even she needs to beat a 5, so a wizard or maybe Dain with a Horn of Anor may be your best bet. And for an influence number of 9, better modifiers, and an additional MP (not to mention a safer site path), you can get the Rangers of the North. The hard influence means that if your're using Muster anyway, though, that your opponent will have a harder time trying to influence it away, especially with an agent (a couple have Dunnish Clan-hold as a homesite).

The site itself is somewhat safe and quick. It's a border-hold, so you need to watch for Slayers and the like. Also, it's site path is tripple wilderness, so you can get hit with some of the nasty drakes. However, there are very few attacks that happen specificly in Dunland. Aside from Dunlanding Raiders (a card I have NEVER seen mentioned for any consideration of inclusion in a deck), this region is safe from both Dragons and Nazgul. Also, it's near Rivendel, so you can include it in a strategy based on that region (which is fairly safe).

This card is sort of another piece of a sour lot of a fixed pack. Pretty much the only good cards in the pack are Glorfindel, the wizards, Faramir, Moria, and the Rangers of Ithilien (which is bettered by some factions).

So Dunlendings is pretty much only worth putting in your deck if you don't want your opponent to have much reason to try to influence it away. Or if you got that faction and don't have a choice.

Ratings for Dunlendings:
Isildur: 4.5
Frodo: 6.5
Samwise: 3.1
Cirdan: 3.5
Beorn: 6.7
Fingolfin: 5.5
Strider: 5.0
Legolas: 6.0
Bandobras Took: 6.0
Farmer Maggot: 8.0
Average: 5.5

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