Site: Shadow-Hold
Region: Redhorn Gate
Site path: Wilderness, Wilderness
Nearest Haven: Lorien
Playable: Items (minor, major, greater, gold ring)
Automatic-attack: Orcs- 4 strikes with 7 prowess
Cards Drawn: Opponent 3; You 2

Despite how dangerous it was in the books, it's actually fairly tame for an all-items-playable site. The automatic attack is fairly minor, any character with decent prowess can probably beat a strike from it. Even Hobbits have a very good chance of beating it. No threat there.

And it's only in a wilderness, so no threat from that either. No, the main threat here is the fact it's a shadow-hold and your opponent draws 3 cards. Two words: Fell Beast. Your opponent can rain several Nazgul on there. That's what makes it dangerous. And while I'm at it, there's also Balrog of Moria, which gives it an auto-attack strike with EIGHTEEN prowess, as strong as Khamul or Shelob (wouldn't it be nice if Glorfindel got a bonus on this, he did kill a Balrog after all). Especially bad since you can play Khamul there too with Fell Beast. Of course, Balrog is worth 5 marshalling points, but that's only if you beat it, which is as I said in the last issue about Khamul and Shelob extremely hard. And it's a permanent-event, so your opponent could play it any time he gets it in his hand before you leave Moria.

Getting back to Moria, though it's dangerous the reward is well worth it if you do get past all the attacks. You can play almost any item there. With Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe, several, by untapping the site.

Another useful plus: you can play Gollum there, good if you're going there to get a Gold Ring for bringing The One Ring out anyway. Saves you the trouble of going back and getting him later, and it's a little closer to Mordor than Goblin-Gate (though not much, they're both in the Misty Mountains).

So overall, Moria is a dangerous site, but quite useful if/when you do get past all the attacks there.

Ratings for: MORIA

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