Resource: Man Faction
Marshalling Points: 5

Unique. Playable at Southron Oasis if the influence check is greater than 8.
Standard modifications: Dunedain (-2), Elves (-2), Dwarves (-2).

This would be just an okay card if it didn't have 5 marshalling points (and for any more than that you need to do something extraordinary like getting The One Ring or killing a Nazgul). Especially since it isn't that hard to get out. Those two factors combined make it an almost extraordinary card. Especially since other than the fact that it's rare, Southron Oasis is easy to get to (the worst card in the path is the place itself, a shadowland). Also, you can make the influencing easier with Yvgavril (though she's also rare) for only 3 influence, and only need 6 points to control them. Muster can also help, eliminating the dice roll altogether (assuming you have a Warrior handy).

However, there is one major problem with this, the fact that it's in Harondor which 4 of the Nazgul can be played at. If your opponent has one of them ready to play, you're in trouble. The other problem is the rarity of the cards involved, since you need the rare Southrons themselves and the rare Southron Oasis (plus the rare Yvgavril if you want to use her) needed to play it. Still, overall a pretty good card to keep in your deck if you're willing to take the risks.

Ratings for: SOUTHRONS
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