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Faramir # Character # Warrior/Ranger Dunadan # 2 MP # 5 Mind # 1 DI # 5/8 # Home Site: Henneth Annun
Unique. +2 direct influence against the Rangers of Ithilien faction.

While Faramir is not an overly spectacular character, he can help in a couple of situations. Plus, you can include him and Eowyn in the same deck just for kicks :-)

Faramir is a fairly above average fighter. His 5 mind works nicely into various influence schemes (like with a Wizard, Saw Further And Deeper, Await The Advent of Allies, etc.). It's one higher than characters like Boromir, Elladan, and Elrohir, but it also means that he's worth 2 MPs instead of one.

His stats are right around where you want a big fighter's to be. 5/8 is not as high as characters like the wizards or Aragorn and co., but they come at a higher influence price. His skills are also good, warrior so he can benefit from cards like Sword of Gondolin and ranger can really help against roadblock strategies. He's also good at influencing the Rangers of Ithilien, a 3 MP faction. His 1 normal DI plus his 2 and the faction's additional one means that he just has to roll a four or better. The region for them, though, is a bit dangerous as it is affected by a couple of Nazgul as well as In Darkness Bind Them (if you actually put that card in your deck...).

In terms of Sealed deck, which I hadn't considered in a review previously (thanks Cirdan for pointing it out), Faramir's pretty good, though his fixed pack isn't very good. It's got a couple of good fighters, Glorfindel and Faramir and Peath (kinda). The two factions, though, are the Rangers of Ithilien (which is kinda dangerous) and Dunlendings (which is hard to bring in). But in sealed deck, Faramir's 5/8 is really useful (especially with a Sword of Gondolin) and the faction influence can also help as well as the Warrior/Ranger skills.

In comparison to other cards, Faramir has the same prowess/body stats as Elrohir and Elladan, and doesnt't have the orc bonus. They've got the same skills, and the elves don't have the faction bonus. Faramir also is worth one more MP, but the elven brothers tend to make it into more decks for the lower mind. Thus, you might want to use Faramir instead if you thing your opponents will start with Elladan/Elrohir (popular in an Indy deck).

So Faramir is a pretty good character with decen fighter stats and able to influence factions in a pinch.

Ratigns for Faramir:
Isildur: 7.0
Frodo: 7.5
Bandobras Took: 5.0
Cirdan: 7.0
Alatar: 7.0
Fingolfin: 7.0
Legolas: 6.5
Samwise: 7.5
Merry: 7.0
Gandalf: 5.0
Farmer Maggot: 8.0
Strider: 7.0
Beorn: 7.2
Wormtongue: 6.0
Average: 6.8

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