Resource: Short-event

Warrior only. An influence check against a faction is automatically successful; no roll (or draw) is necessary.

[Archivist's note: this card was given errata to say: "Warrior only. An influence check on a faction by a warrior is modified by adding the warrior's prowess to a maximum modifier of +5." It was re-reviewed in CotD #509]

A very nice effect. It lets you influence almost any faction with any character that's a Warrior. This opens up your possibilities for getting factions by an enormous amount. For instance, send Glorfindel II around to muster up a bunch of factions, using Shadowfax to expedite things. He can fight off lots of attacks well by himself, and with this card he can easily influence any faction he comes across.

Another use, a more general one, is just to influence particularly hard (high roll required) factions, like Southrons. It's very useful at this because it eliminates the risk of losing the factions (except with tomorrow's card, Muster Disperses) to unlucky rolls, and it can't itself be destroyed except by Muster Disperses. This is also useful with decks filled with cards like Dwarves which don't have many factions with positive modifiers for them (because they only have 2 or 3 factions of their race).

But there's also another feature of this. You can use it against your OPPONENT's factions in influencing them away from him. This is actually a good deal better than the first one, because you don't have to do any work of going around to get the factions, drawing them and influencing them. Instead you just steal your opponent's. You can't do Army of the Dead, because it says so in the errata, but you can influence any other one to your side. Like Southrons, to steal five points. Or actually, it's 10 in a way, since you both get five yourself and take five away from your opponent.

Do this with a couple of high-value factions and you can drive your opponent crazy. And those points really can make the difference between winning or losing the game. This card can destroy an entire M.P. based strategy, in fact. So overall, Muster is an extremely useful card, both for controlling hard factions of your own and influencing your opponent's.

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