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Returned Exiles

Resource: Dwarf Faction

Marshalling points: 5

Unique. Playable at a tapped or untapped site where an at home Dragon manifestation was defeated if the influence check is greater than 12. Standard Modifications: King under the Mountain Dwarf (+5), other Dwarves (+2).

Returned Exiles isn't really that good a card, but it's the most interesting faction in the whole game IMHO (with the possible exception of Army of the Dead). It works extremely well with King under the Mountain, in fact almost depends on it for a decent chance of being played. It's worth a whopping FIVE marshalling points, as many as the Southrons (who are in an even more dangerous place than this card usually is) and only beaten by Army of the Dead. And though it's theoretically impossible to beat the influence check without enhancers, appropriately equipped Dwarves still have a good chance of getting it. Of course that chance is much improved (to 100%) with Muster, a card you almost require to have a good chance of getting this card out without WAY too much effort for the marshalling points it provides. It's also difficult to even get the chance to play this card, due to the fact you need to beat an At Home dragon to play it. Still, since you can play those yourself it's not impossible. The final use really is just as a good Dwarf faction. Now you can get 10+ marshalling points just from Dwarf factions, making Dwarf decks a good bit more reasonable for getting marshalling points. In fact the main situation to use this card is with Dwarf-heavy decks in which you want to get LOTS of marshalling points. That'll be aided by the upcoming quests (too bad I'll never get to review those, though I will hopefully be rating them), though I suppose those will make the marshalling point lose a bit of its value with slightly easier acquisition of it. Anyway, overall Returned Exiles is a high-powered marshalling point provider, but its difficult play makes it only really practical in Dragon resource decks with Muster.
Gandalf8.5Farmer Maggot8.5

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