Dain II

Character: Warrior/Diplomat Dwarf
Mind: 7
Direct Influence: 3
Marshalling Points: 2
Prowess/Body: 5/8

Unique. +2 direct influence against Iron Hill Dwarves, +2 prowess against Orcs, +1 direct influence against Men and Man factions.

Home site: Iron Hill Dwarf Hold

Pretty good card. A character that's well worth its mind. Not incredibly valuable, but good nonetheless. His influencing factor is -4, making him extremely good in that compared to many other powerful cards. And he gets extra for men, so he can very well be only a -3, making him the equivalent mind of a lot of really weak common characters.

The 5/8 is okay, but there are plenty of better cards for that. And the 2 marshalling points without -2 if killed counterbalances the low attributes. He's also a great Orc-killer, a 7/8 for that, and the Iron Hill Dwarves are quite a nice faction.

Also useful with Dwarven rings, since he's one of the few dwarves who's not a hindrance to your strategy to carry along. That's about all on this card - not very interesting, but still rather useful. Overall, a pretty nice card, good for Dwarven Ring decks.

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