Some people are strong in the attack, they defeat the forces of Sauron by seeking them out. Others are strong in defense, the defeat the forces of Sauron when the forces come near. One such defender is

Beregond # Character # Warrior Dunadan # 4/8 # 0 MP # 2 Mind # 0 DI # -1 CP # Home site: Minas Tirith
Unique. -1 to all of his corruption checks. -1 to influence checks against factions.

Beregond is one of several similar 2 mind warriors. He exists purely for one purpose: to be a strong fighter. Only the most specialized adventuring companies (like a bunch of Hobbits stocked with cancellation) can expect to get by without a strong warrior. There are a couple ways to go about protecting a company and fighting auto-attacks. The first is to make sure most of your company is tough. The Elven Rangers, Boromir, et al. can make a company that's quite hard to crack. Another option is to have a couple big guys protecting a couple smaller ones. Beorn and Celeborn can keep away the nasty creatures while Adrazar influences factions and a Hobbit sneaks in and gets some items. A third option, especially good with split companies when influence is low, is to have a few decent fighters, either on their own or with a weak character or two. Beregond fits the bill for the third option very well.

His 2 DI mean he's easy to control, meaning bringing him along pretty much just costs one against the hazard limit. His prowess of 4 lets him take on some of the weaker creatures with confidence (mainly taking a strike so the people inside Minas Tirith don't get hurt). And with some enhancement, like a Fellowship or Sword of Gondolin, he can deal with most mid-range creatures. His 0 DI means he can't control anyone (not even his son Bergil), but since he'll probably be following someone anyway, the lack of DI doesn't really matter. And while he's even worse at influencing factions, there's always Muster. And if you go to a border-hold with a bunch of moderate prowess warriors, your opponent won't know who to tap to prevent the Mustering.

Beretar's main drawback is his -1 to corruption checks. While he can usually handle a Sword of Gondolin just fine, boosting him to a respectable 6 prowess, if your opponent is playing any corruption cards, Glamdring (7 prowess) is about the only item you should trust him with (or some other 1 CP item). This modifier is nicely dealt with if his company forms a Fellowship, and with other characters with similar minds, you can pull off a Fellowship while having another company adventure elsewhere. Plus, with a Fellowship or two and an item, Beregond is in the 8 prowess range, ready to take on a Nazgul.

So Beregond is a nice guy to have if you're short on influence but find you need a fighter. You certainly get what you pay for.

Ratings for Beregond:
Isildur: 7.0
Farmer Maggot: 8.0
Samwise: 7.5
Strider: 7.0
Legolas: 8.0
Beorn: 7.2
Frodo: 6.5
Fingolfin: 7.0
Average: 7.3

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