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Boromir II

Character: Warrior Dunadan
Marshalling Points: 1
Mind: 4
Direct Influence: 1
Prowess/Body: 6/8

Unique. +2 direct influence against the Men of Anorien faction. -1 to all his corruption checks.

Home site: Minas Tirith

At first glance, not that great. Just your fairly average Dunadan. And a -1 corruption modifier, too. Plus the faction he gets bonuses on is only worth 2 marshalling points. But he has some attributes that are very hard to get cheaply. Such as his main one, 6/8. That's not much for a big character, like Elrond or a Wizard, but for a 4-mind (and he even has 1 direct influence) character that's big. He's as powerful as a Wizard and he only costs 4 mind. And he's only worth 1 marshalling point, so he's pretty expendable in that regard. So for a total of 3 influence you get a marshalling point, a 2-MP faction readily available, and 6/8. That's pretty cheap. If he wasn't Unique (like every charcacter is) you could put out 5 of him and get through almost any hazard. Maybe if we ever get a clone card like Magic has (I should do an idea supplement on that) we'll be able to do that, but for now we'll just have to wait. He's also a Dunadan, one of the more useful races for special cards, of which there are several (including Athelas, as one example, with a useful ability). That's it. Overall, Boromir II is an okay character, whose main attribute is his low price for high prowess/body.
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