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Character: Warrior/Ranger Man
Marshalling Points: 2
Mind: 7
Direct Influence: 2
Prowess/Body: 7/9

Unique. +2 direct influence against the Beornings faction.

Home site: Beorn's House

He's part of one of those little neat sets you find so many of in fixed packs. Just like Thranduil, Wood-Elves, and Thranduil's Halls, or Gimli, Iron Hill Dwarves, and Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold. There's ten of these, in fact, two in each fixed pack. And all pretty good, too. Like Beorn, one of the best of them. He's a warrior/ranger man, fairly average for characters in their usefulness. He's got a whopping 7 mind, making him an expensive character (though not compared to Glorfindel II or any of the Elven-Kings). He gets 2 direct influence, making him a -5, not that bad. And he has 2 marshalling points, the size of a small faction. Plus, of course, there's another 2 from Beornings. For a grand total of 4 marshalling points. More than most factions, and at least as much as all but 2. All as a side effect to his main uses, his stats. He's 7/9. That's the second highest character prowess in the game, tied with Elrond and Thranduil (who have even higher minds) and right behind Glorfindel II. That's pretty powerful. He can defend most of the attacks that get thrown at you, in fact. A 14-prowess attack gives him a 50% chance of success. And he automatically beats any of the little weakling Orc attacks, or any attack with less than 8 prowess (and he breaks even with the 9 prowess ones, so that's sort of beating them there too). So that's a pretty strong character. He can look Khamul in the eye with an actual chance of beating him (though the odds are heavily in Khamul's favor, there's still at least a chance with Beorn). A 14-prowess dragon auto-attack (like yesterday's) gives him an even chance of winning. With The One Ring he becomes a whopping 12/10 character, with as much influence as he costs. But that's The One Ring, which already got almost perfect ratings in issue 25. By himself 7/9 is still powerful. And with any decent items, of course, that can become even more powerful. But there still is the disadvantage of the mind to consider, since for 1 point of prowess less you can save 3 mind (Boromir II). Overall, Beorn is a pretty good character, but his high mind prevents him from being really great.
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