Resource: Permanent-event

Only playable at a Haven during the organization phase on a company that has four or more characters and allies. +1 to prowess and +1 to corruption checks for all characters in the company. Discard this card if a character or ally joins or leaves the company for any reason.

Okay, this card has lots of features and a few requirements/problems. It's also probably one of the most used cards in the entire game.

First the features. It gives +1 to prowess. That's okay, but there are lots of rings and even minor items that do that, though this card's easier to get out.

Second, it gives +1 to corruption checks. This is probably overall more useful, as there are far fewer cards that do this and most only do it for one turn.

And that's another feature: it's a permanent-event, impossible to remove at current time except for under the conditions listed on the card (because it's not an environment so Doors of Night can't touch it).

And another feature, probably the best one, is that it happens to EVERY character in the company. This makes it more valuable with bigger companies, though it requires one of at least four. So you get an overall total of +4 to corruption checks and prowess distributed out evenly, and that's the minimum. Though it doesn't matter as much when it's evenly distributed.

But there's one other feature of this card: it's non-unique. Just try putting THREE of these on a company. Especially one with power characters like Glorfindel (an 11/9 character with NO EXTRA CORRUPTION? Wow.) Also useful in Wizard companies to help the many corruption checks you have to make. With Gandalf or Radagast, your wizard becomes as corruption resistant as Frodo. And speaking of Frodo, how about making him a +7 (!) to check corruption. Now he can carry The One Ring and be absolutely safe on non-modified corruption checks, and even down to -2 in fact. So for the Cracks of Doom or Will of the Ring checks you just need to roll a 4 or more. This makes destroying The One Ring a whole lot easier. And remember, this is a COMMON, and most people who buy any decent number of cards have at least the maximum allowable 3 of these.

Of course, there are a few minor problems with this card. The first is the Haven requirement, but since companies get assembled at Havens anyway and don't change in other places very often, this doesn't hinder it much. The second one is the four character/ally requirement, once again not too bad since this card's use greatly increases the bigger the company. The final one is the main one: you have to discard this if a card leaves the company or joins it for any reason. This means you can't add any allies or characters after playing it, can't remove any either, and also if a character dies you lose the fellowships. But still, overall this is an extremely useful card for a wide range of strategies and purposes, well worth having 2 or 3 of in any deck.

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