Quiet Lands

Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits (or orcs, or undead or...)

Quiet Lands # Resource # Short-event
Environment. Until the end of the turn, the number of strikes for one automatic-attack at a Shadow-hold or Ruins & Lairs is reduced by half (round up). Alternatively, if Gates of Morning is in play, treat one Shadow-land as a Wilderness, or one Shadow-hold as a Ruins & Lairs until the end of the turn. Cannot be duplicated.

This card has two very useful uses. First, it makes auto-attacks easier to deal with. This is good especially if much of your company is tapped or weak. The second use lets you get to the site more safely, so that you will have more untapped characters to deal with the auto-attacks.

First, this card can really help you during the site phase. You may have set up your deck so that you can get something at a certain site, but due to the tapped, wounded, or killed status of your characters, you can't deal with the auto-attack now. This card can help you out quite a bit. For instance, you can make Moria's somewhat dangerous attack of 4 strikes at 7 just 2@7. Or you can make Dancing Spire only 1 strike at 11, just as easy as Zarak Dum but with more items. Or you can reduce an At Home Dragon to 1 or 2 strikes, much easier to deal with. And The Under-deeps sounds better as 1 strike at 16 rather than 2. This card also helps to counter the effects of certain enhancements. It resets the strikes after an Awaken Denizens/Minions or a Plague of Wights. Redoubled Force isn't too scary with this card, either.

The other use of this card, unchoking shadows, can also be very handy. You can avoid attacks such as orcs and undead, as well as prevent a Fell Beast- riding Nazgul from attacking. This can also be a slightly silly combo with Rebuild the Town. You arrive at Mount Doom. After looking around a bit, you decide that it would be nice to have a small town on top of the volcano, just to piss Sauron off. You make Orodruin quiet down, and then start work ;-) In more serious ways, you can rape and pillage Moria or Carn Dum with a site untapper like Durin's Ring. And why not set up a few buildings next to Shelob's Lair? This use also helps defend from a card like Incite Minions, making the site no longer a Shadow-hold.

This card has a couple of disadvantages. First, it's an environment, so it can be taken out by Twilight (especially useful if you're trying to convert from shadows to something else). Also, it doesn't work on sites with one strike, and doesn't work too well with three strikes. Also, it can't be duplicated, so you can't both make a Ruins & Lairs and reduce the strikes too.

However, all in all, Quiet Lands can be a useful card for a company who would rather a safe journey.

Ratings for Quiet Lands:
Isildur: 6.0
Frodo: 7.5
Samwise: 6.0
Cirdan: 6.0
Beorn: 6.7
FIngolfin: 6.5
Strider: 6.5
Bandobras Took: 8.5
Alatar: 6.5
Farmer Maggott: 8.0
Average: 6.9

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