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Hazard: Short-Event
Environment. One environment card in play is immediately discarded. This card may also be played as a resource.

One of Middle-Earth's biggest counterspells. Like Disenchant in Magic, this removes those long-term (well, sometimes long-term, anyway) effects that can be so annoying to players. It's the only way to restore Middle-Earth to a "neutral" state after playing Doors of Night or Gates of Morning (since otherwise you have to play the other one to cancel it). Also, of course, it works on all those other pesky environments and their various uses. Plus it's one of the few cards playable as both a hazard and a resource (couldn't you make some cool dual-type artwork or something, maybe with a fade from the copper resource to the iron hazard colors, instead of just a hazard background?) Of course there are all sorts of uses for this. Will of Sauron/Snowstorm bothering you? If you don't have Palantir of Osgilath, discard the Snowstorm with this. Or better yet, discard Doors of Night and Will of Sauron discards itself. Being attacked in a Wilderness with Nazgul because of Choking Shadows? Discard it. Want to get rid of Doors of Night but don't have Gates of Morning? Obvious use for this card. Keep 2 or 3 in any deck, and at least one in your hand. Perfect for places like Mount Doom where your opponent's using every means possible to stop you from dunking The One Ring. Also it's much better than the generality of Gates of Morning and Doors of Night because you can selectively cancel things. You can play something one turn and discard it the next. You can keep Doors of Night in play and all the other hazard environments but get rid of a particular one you don't like. You can play Snowstorm or Fell Winter on your opponent's turn and discard them on your own. It can save you and help you murder your opponent. Overall, a great card, which is almost required in any deck.
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