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Dancing Spire

Site: Ruins & Lairs
Region: Withered Heath
Site Path: Wilderness, Border-land, Shadow-land, Wilderness
Nearest Haven: Lorien
Playable: Items (minor, major, greater, gold ring)
Automatic-attacks: Dragon - 2 strikes with 11 prowess
Cards Drawn: You: 3 Opponent: 3

This card is one of ICE's biggest oversights with its pre-Dragons Dragon-related cards. It has playable at it as many items as only one of the "new" Dragon auto-attack (and therefore Hoard) sites, and yet its attack is one of the weakest of any of them. It's home to Daelomin, one of the weakest Dragons (at least on an auto-attack, he can choose defenders but the auto-attack doesn't do that), and yet ICE gave it the full range of minor, major, greater, and gold ring Hoard Items (well, not Gold Ring ones, at least not yet, but maybe eventually...). Even the At Home version of Daelomin is only 14/8 (high prowess, yes, but not for a Dragon). And if you kill him, you can get the rich rewards this site provides of Greater Hoard Items. It's in the most popular Dragon region, where 7 of the 9 dragons can be played, yes, but 4 of those Dragons (including Daelomin) have their homes there, all the Greater Item ones except Smaug. So this card is slightly worse than some Dragon homes for general safety, it's true, but far better for the auto-attack and the Dragon that lives there (plus of course for the rewards for taking it). A great card to play with this is King under the Mountain (tomorrow's card), which benefits from easy At Home attacks, to make this "item factory" into a somewhat safer Dwarf site (Thror's Map and Durin's Ring are, of course, helpful here as well) where you can get all the cool items you want (EVERY type of item in the entire game that's playable anywhere is playable here). Pretty useful. And this site, with its Hoard status and relatively easy automatic-attack, is the key to that combo. So overall Dancing Spire is a great site, with fantastic numbers of playable items (all of them) and a relatively easy automatic-attack.
Ratings for: DANCING SPIRE
Gandalf9.5Farmer Maggot8.0

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