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A Mediocre Magic Page

I made this page some time ago when I was heavy into Magic and a novice at HTML. Since then I have lost most interest in Magic (I still play when I get a chance, but would rather play another game like Middle-earth, On the Edge, or Legend of the Five Rings. Still, I keep this page around.

The main attractions for this page are a list of 100 reasons why Magic is better than sex. I tend to get a lot of violent responses from people who disagree. I did not say that Magic IS better than sex, and sex has some great stuff, but can you think of 100 reasons why sex is better than Magic? :-) I also have a few made up cards. Windows '95 is a pretty cool card, as is the Kird Atog. I'm also running a contest for the best (funniest, weirdest, etc.) Magic theme deck.

For more and better made up cards (if you have a high-bandwidth browser), check out my friend Bill Ingram's page

You can find much better Magic info elsewhere. Sprig's CCG Warehouse used to be a great place for Magic (and other CCG) info, but it's currently down. It merged with an online zine for Magic, Vault Magazine. If you're unsure about what Magic is, check out WotC's site. If you're wondering about buying and selling cards, get a dynamic online pricelist at Cloister's page. The best place to make Magic cardlists, rules info, usenet archives, and whatever else you want can be found at the the Mox Perl generator, run by a Boulder local, Tom Christiansen. The rest of the site is pretty cool too, especially if you like Perl. Yahoo has a pretty extensive list of pages. If you want a good laugh, find out why Magic is Satanic. The sad part is, this guy believes it. Other than that, I suggest you look into another game, it will probably be cheaper to play and likely be a better game. Not that Magic is bad, it can just start to suck after a while.

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