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Silly and Strange Magic Theme Decks

Description: This is for those of us who have nothing to do but think about Magic: The Gathering(R), that addicting collectable trading card game from Wizards of the Coast. If you don't play, then you probably have no idea what is going on and have no chance at this contest. Theme decks are probably the most fun to create and play with. They can range in cost from a few cents to, well, quite a bit. What I mean by theme decks is the sort of thing like a deck where all the cards are related to dragons, or fire, etc., not something like land destruction. I'm not really looking for something that will win Type II tournaments unless it has a fun and/or bizzare theme. It can even have no shot at even doing 20 damage, if it's really whacky. We're talking things like (I've seen these) a Wizard of Oz theme deck, a deck which flys the American flag, or a Monty Python deck. It should be silly.

  1. All card in the deck must be listed along with quantities, even for basic lands.
  2. Cards may be in any set, expansion or regular. You may includ cards that would not be allowed in a tournament (banned/restricted cards, more than 4 per deck, etc.).
  3. No preference will be given to decks that are more likely to win than others. I find playing with theme decks that don't win very often to be more fun than some that do.
  4. Entries should be e-mailed to with the subject line of: Contest: Magic Theme
    The Submissions:
  1. From: (Nick Wedig)
    I once built an entire deck based off of the Muppet show.  It was 
    green, white and bl;ue I think.  It included the Chub toad for Kermit, 
    Wild Boars for Miss Piggy and grizzly bears for Fozzie.  It's been 
    several years since I played though, so I don't remember it very well.  
    The best part was when I played the An-Havva Inn (I think that's the 
    card... the one that gives you a life for each green creature) and I 
    would count in a Count Von Count accent "One, One green creature AH Ah 
    Ah... " etc.  The best part was I always beat all my friends 
    tournament decks with it.  it took me 15 minutes  to make, too.
                                              Mr. Teapot
  2. From: (Adam)
    The Migraine
    Headache Cards
    4 Maddening Wind
    4 Power Surge
    4 Psyonic Entity
    4 Ancestral Recall
    4 Psyonic Blast
    2 Icy Manipulator - Ice Age (whatever that guy has on his head looks like it hurts)
    2 Lightning Bolt
    2 Fireball
    2 Dragon Whelp
    2 Giant Growth
    2 Stream of Life
    2 Erhnam Djinn
    4 Counterspell
    4 Taiga
    4 Volcanic Island
    4 Tropical Island
    4 Island
    3 Mountain
    3 Forest
    The theme of this deck is headaches. All the headache cards display 
    people in some degree of discomfort due to what appears to be a 
    headache. Whether the people in the artbox are either holding their 
    head in pain, have lightning bolts hitting their heads, all have 
    some form of headache.
  3. From: (Antonio Len-Rios)
    Any learned mage must read some books . . . though maybe not quite 
    this many
    4  Jayemdae Tome
    4  Jalum Tome
    4  Mangara's Tome
    4  Fool's Tome
    4  Emessi Tome
    4  Enlightened Tutor
    4  Mystical Tutor
    4  Counterspell
    4  Arcane Denial
    2  Capsize
    4  Library of Leng
    4  Drain Life
    1  Mirror Universe
    4  Wall of Vapor
    4  Urza's Mine
    4  Urza's Power Plant
    4  Urza's Tower
    7  Islands
    5  Plains
    5  Swamp
    Okay, you use all the tomes to get one of your 4 Mangara's tomes out. 
    With the Mangara's Tome, you select 1 swamp, 1 drain life, 3 counter 
    magic and 1 Mirror Universe, (if you dont already have them). What you 
    need to do is get the Urzatron going, then you will go through your 
    deck faster than 4 howling mines. If necessary, Mirror Universe your 
    opponent to keep yourself alive, then, when you have a swamp, you can 
    cast a massive drain life. You should have enough counter magic to 
    deal with whatever your opponent can come up with. Capsizes get rid of 
    fatties, and with an urzatron going, you should have no prob paying 
    the buyback. Wall of Vapor will help keep his fatties off your back.
  4. From: (Justin Cannon)
    20 PLAINS
    2 PREACHER (holy, of course)
    2 MARBLE PRIESTS ("priests")
    4 SERRA ANGEL   ("angel")
    4 MIRICLE WORKER  (heal people with prayer)
    4 KEEPERS OF THE FAITH  (keep the faith holy)
    4 CLERGY OF THE HOLY NIMBUS   (clergy= priests)
    1 DIVINE TRANSFORMATION   (picture- angel)
    1 FASTING  (cross in picture)
    2 HOLY LIGHT  ("holy")
    2 HOLY STRENGTH  ("holy")
    2 HOLY DAY  ("holy")
    2 BLESSING  (blessings are holy)
    2 CRUSADE   (holy wars)
    2 DISENCHANT   (get rid of evil enchantments)  
    2 ANGELIC VOICES  ("angelic")
    4 SWORDS TO PLOWSHARES  (mention in bible)
  5. From: (Nick Loper)
    42 Orcish Conscripts
    18 Mountains
    Don't let the opponent laugh at first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Pick your nose
  6. From: (Carl Dillahay)
    Flying Soul-Rat Deck
    4 Plague Rats
    4 Pestilence Rats
    4 Bog Rats
    4 Diseased Vermin
    4 Soul Kiss
    4 Soul Burn
    4 Dark Rituals
    4 Flight
    4 Remove Souls
    2 Soul Barrier
    1 Soul Net
    2 Jump
    4 Underground River
    6 Islands
    11 Swamps
    4 Syphon Souls
    When you get your first FLYING SOUL-RAT, you stand proud.
  7. From: pft102 (Paul)
    pucnh me i'm an asshole!!!
    4 glasses of urza
    4 orcish spies
    4 soldiers of fortune
    4 mana clashes
    4 cop red
    4 orcish artillery
    2 bottle of suleiman
    2 game of chaos
    2 disenchant
    4 infernos
    4 uthden trolls
    2 lightning bolts
    10 mountains
    10 plains
    this deck is really stupid. it won't win unless you get you opponent
    to quit or flip coins till one of you dies. the point is that this is 
    the type of deck that just brings out the asshole in all of us. 
    ** important tip: try playing it using the voice of the baffoon. **
  8. "Infinite life and death" by (John Sillman)
    7 swamps, 7 islands, 4 drain life, 2 soul 
    burn, 3 soul net, 3 iceberg, 2 diabolic vision, 4 ashnod's altar, 4 
    ashen ghouls, 4 nether shadows, and 4 Initiates of the ebon hand. You 
    must have 4 of the shadows or ghouls in the graveyard(any mixture of 
    them will do), along with an altar, an iceberg, a soul net, and a 
    initiates.  Wait until the upkeep, then during the end of your upkeep, 
    pay one black to return the bottom ghoul to play(zero for a shadow).  
    Sacrifice it to the altar for 2, run it through the initiates, gain 1 
    life from the net and pay the other black to return another ghoul to 
    play.  Gain as much life as you want, then store mana on the iceberg. 
    During main phase, use the iceberg through the initiates again and 
    drain life for 5 million.
  9. "Foresight Doesn't Suck" by
    Zehava@BBS.Netcruisers.Com (Steven)
    4 Foresights
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Lightning Bolts
    4 Disenchants
    2 Thought Lashs
    2 Soldivi Diggers
    2 Icy Manipulators
    4 Arcane Denials
    3 Howling Mines
    2 Library of Lengs
    1 Zuran Orb
    2 Mana Flares
    1 Timetwister
    1 Demonic Tutor
    1 Library of Lat-Nam
    3 Boomerangs
    3 Kjeldorian Outposts
    2 Balduvian Tradingposts
    2 Soldive Excavations
    4 Tundras
    4 Volcanic Moutains
    3 Plateus
    2 Schools of the Unseen
    The theme behind this deck is to show how Forsight and Thoughlash can be used
    in wicked ways.  All you have to do is to get your Lightning Bolts,
    Disenchants , and Counterspells in your graveyard, have a Digger out, and then
    get rid of your library.  How do you like the idea of gitting hit by 3 or 4
    lightning bolts a turn.  I dont like that idea that much.

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