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MECCG Mailing Lists

There are two listservs dedicated to discussion of the Middle-earth Collectible card game, me-cotd and metw. In addition, there are two Usenet newsgroups where it's discussed.

metw-cotd, the Middle-earth Card of the Day, is written by a consortium of players and features strategy about a single card or group of cards each day. Back issues are available for the fourth age as well as the third age and the second and first ages. To subscribe, either use the form below or send a message to with no body or subject. Click here to subscribe

metw is a listserv dedicated to general discussion of MECCG. Anyone can put in his two cents whether elf or orc, member of the free peoples or a legion of Sauron. It also gets a lot of traffic, so if you don't have much time to read mail or a small mail quota, this may not be for you. This IS the place to ask questions about rules or strategy. To subscribe, send a message (or use the form below) to with no body or subject. If you'd prefer digests, (which the below form will request) send to For more info, send a message to Click here to subscribe

Two newsgroups exist were MECCG is discussed. The first, is for discussion. Don't post sales, trades, or auctions. You should flag your posts with something like [MECCG] [METW] or [MELE] so that people can distinguish Middle-earth from Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowfist, etc. Most of the discussion moved from this to the metw list, but you can still ask rules questions and stuff here. is a similar group, but for sales, trades, auctions, and other methods of transferring ownership of cards. Flag your posts as above.

If you don't have access to Usenet (or you can't figure out how to access it), you can access those groups through Google Groups: or

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