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Isildur's Middle-earth Card of the Day

This page is a complete archive for all 450 issues of Isildur's and Gandalf's Middle-earth Card of the Day.

News! Lair of the Morgul-Rats has taken up the mantle of librarian, creating an archive of the 3rd and 4th Ages. The mailing list archive seems to be down, as are the previous 3rd/4th Age archives. No one has taken up the mantle of author of late. Could it be you?

In case you stumbled upon this by accident, the Card of the Day is a review of cards from the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game, made by ICE.

You see the Archive of past issues or you can download a complete text archive of Gandalf's reviews (1-250). Due to disk quotas, I decided to present it as a gzipped file. You can also get an archive (.tar.gz) of my reviews, #251-450 or as an all-in-one text file (compressed) grab 251-450.txt.gz. If you would like them in another format (like .zip), let me know.

A while ago, a Spanish gentleman sent me a nifty (if overpowered) Isildur card in jpeg format. For you non-Spanish speakers, the text is basically "Unique. +2 DI against men and man factions." Skills are Warrior/Scout (I think)/Ranger.

Copyright Notice for art, card names, and card spoilers.

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