Start of the Third Age

5/13: The heirs of Isildur have been found. I had several good applications from people who would like to be a part of the Card of the Day team. In the end it came to a tough decision between a team of people who all seemed individually good and The Court of Orthanc, a group in the Netherlands which works together all the time. (For more info, email Umagaur the Pale at In the end, I went with the folloiwing people as the new CotD reviewers:

The webpage is at

Congratulations to all of these and thanks to the other people who expressed interest in being a reviewer. From some early conversation, it looks like Ohtar will take charge of administration and will host the webpage (his URL is ), though Gimli also has a nice page at

I'm going to post my final review on Sunday the 18th, the Third Age will hopefully start on the 19th, though they may need more time to get going.

Again, congratulations and I hope you help the CotD grow and be better, bringing light and enlightenment to the masses of Middle-earth players.

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