Revealed to All Watchers

Most of the unique cards in the game are unique because there was only one in any of Tolkien's books. However, a few very powerful cards are unique, even though they could happen many times.

Revealed to all Watchers # Hazard # Short-event
Unique. Reveal your hand to opponent. Place all non-hazard cards from your hand off to the the side. Draw cards from your play deck until your hand size is reached. Place the non-hazard cards from off to the side face down on top of your play deck in any order you choose.

This is one of the most powerful cards in Dark Minions. It allows you to take a hand of mostly resources and turn it in to a hand of all hazards to hit your opponent with.

First, there is a question of when to play this card. Do not play this as the first hazard in the phase. Play a few hazards. When your hand is at its normal size or less, THEN play this card, as that's when you'll get the most benefit from it. Also, if possible, play it on the M/H phase of the first company moving so you have a hand of hazards for the next company. You should also play this card when you've got a chance of hitting your opponent with most of the hazards in your deck. For instance, if you have a deck with lots of Nazgul, and your opponent moves to a Dark-hold, play a few creatures to tap his company and then get a big grin as you Reveal to All Watchers. Who knows, you might be able to play several Nazgul without having to hold them in your hand for several turns. You might also want to figure out what's coming up by using the Palantir of Minas Tirith or a similar card at the end of your turn.

This card also works best against a large company, as you can get the most effect from it. Not that you can't play it on a medium or small company, though. You can use this card in hopes of drawing JUST the card you need to mess your opponent up. Maybe you need that one Choking Shadows to be able to play a Fell Beast and a Nazgul. And hey, while you're drawing you just might draw a Twilight to hit your opponent's Twilight.

There is one card that just cries for this one: Two or Three Tribes Present. Your opponent moves through a Shadow-land with two characters. You play a Two or Three Tribes present and rain down four or five orcs. Then you play Revealed to All Watchers. Set aside those worthless resources and draw eight more orcs to attack with.

As a resource player, there isn't really any way to defend against this card. There is no card to cancel it. The best you can do is to lower the hazard limit, prepare for the worst, and hope your opponent draws a whole bunch of resources.

Ratings for Revealed to All Watchers:
Isildur: 7.5
Bandobras Took: 8.0
Samwise: 9.5
Cirdan: 8.0
Frodo: 8.0
Alatar: 7.0
Legolas: 7.0
Merry: 7.1
Beorn: 7.4
Fingolfin: 8.5
Average: 7.8

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