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Unicorn Clan Coup

The following article was posted to on 9/11/97 by Richard Lipman, Unicorn Clan Apologist.

After being ignored in the story line and given all the odious duties the Unicorn Clan will take no more and has announced a coup against AEG, WOTC and any other initials they can think of. The Expansion will consist of 30 new cards to be released in 10 new expansions which will be produced over 10 different weeks. It will sell in starters for $19.95 and boosters for $2.95 and come in boxes of 4,9 and 27 respectively.

The Unicorn Clan Coup of course will deal with all the indignities the clan has suffered in wake of the war and it's resolution. "Our clan champion sucks", said an indignant Otaku Kamoko. "All of the others have cool special abilities but our makes all his followers Cavalry, Unicorns always play with non-cavalry followers don't we?? 5 Expansions we have had so far and still I don't see my Battle Maiden Followers!"

Later in the day we caught up with Shinjo Yokatsu who was looking very depressed. When questioned on it he merely shook his head and said "They gave my parking place to Yoritomo. I can't believe it. Just because my horse occasionally makes a mess they moved my spot to the other side of Otosan Uchi. They give us No respect!"

Otaku Baiken wandered by and offered me a 1F cavalry token in exchange for some Koku. I guess he has fallen on hard times in the wake of the war. "All the other clans are celebrating inside the Emporer's Palace but they wouldn't let us bring in our horses. We never go anywhere without our horses. Yeah, I know I'm not Cavalry... I don't want to relive the shame of that insult"

Shinjo Hanari was admiring his new artwork but was a little annoyed about the pictures of Clan Thunder Otaku Kamoko. In one she looks like she isn't even in the picture. In the next she is moving so fast it's hard to make her out..Sheesh.. Her Thunder Painting doesn't even show her good side.. We need to talk to Chironna-San about this..

All these issues and more are addressed in the new expansion so make sure you pick up a copy of the Unicorn Clan Coup so we can get the respect we deserve.

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