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Legend of the Five Pants

Collected from #l5r IRC channel late at night on May 21st. Over 300 were suggested, most of which weren't funny.

The idea: Star Wars fans have, for some time, changed a word in key lines to "pants" to add humor. For instance, "A tremor in the pants. The last time I felt this was in the presence of my old master." --Vader. Apply the same principle to L5R cards and...
Goshiu foil flavor text: It would be unwise to speak of our pants in court... when i could speak of yours with even greater eloquence.
Let Your Pants Guide You
Pants within Pants
Winning Kachiko's Pants
Cleansing Bellbottoms
Enough pants!
You Walk With Pants
Accessable Pants
Contested Pants
the walking pants of Fu Leng
Drawstring Out The Darkness
Black WInd from the pants
Return of the Fallen Pants
The Efforts of the Pants
Fight For My Pants
Journey to the Burning Pants
Forbidden Pants of Iuchiban
As the Pants Fall
Look Into the Pants
The Boundless Depths of Pants
The Togashi Training Pants
"I'm sure any man would be glad to marry your pants, Yakamo-sama," the Crane smiled.
Pants Thief
Kaiu Kenru= So fine are his pants that it seems fused to the skin of the samurai who wear it.
Pants Technique
Pants of the Four Winds
Night of a Thousand Pants
The Longest Pants
10 years he has been gone, and yet his pants shows not a single mark of it.
The Pants Feud
"He knows that in the pants, someone is making the elements bleed."
I atone in death for the sins in pants...
She has lost her pants and her brothers sword, but she has found a new ally.
Cathing the Pants' Favor
"They say it means 'Brave-bold-fearless-sunlit-warrior-with-great-skill,' but I think it mean 'Pants.'"
"The best pants is no pants at all." -- Bayushi's Lies
Master of the Pants Ceremony
Breach of Pants
"Are those crystal pants, Hitomi? Cause I can sure see myself in them" -- Kokujin
The most frigtening truth is gained by looking in the pants.
Look into my pants, for there you see the future of the empire.
Where Pants Stood
It is difficult to speak of the pants of the Naga, for reports of their appearance are always to the contrary
The Falling Pants
"Dead? Me? My clan is in danger and the pants are falling! I don't have time to die!"
"During battle, one should be resolved to not fall into the enemy's pants. Pants will fall to the one who can judge the instant. - Master Suana
Dirty Pants

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