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Note: Most On/Over the Edge discussion has moved to

Clay Luther, the previous owner of the Edge lists couldn't keep up with them anymore, so I, being the benevolent Trident I am, took over and consolidated on-the-edge, over-the-edge, and swaps into one list,

You can browse the archive or subscribe directly. To subscribe, send a mail message (or use the form below) to with, in the body,
subscribe the-edge your@email.address
Do NOT enter in the form below, just your email address.
If you want to receive a digest (instead of each message individually), put the-edge-digest instead of just the-edge.

Once you've sent a subscribe message, majordomo will send you a message informing you of the process to confirm your registration (you must send another mail message with a random password to prevent random people from signing you up for random lists). For assistance, contact

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