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Fun Things to Do with a Personnel Copier

What is a Personnel Copier?

Personnel Copier (C60) is one of the coolest cards from the Cut-Ups expansion. It's a Gear that costs 3, and has the following text:
Cut-Up, Sub-Random
Pay 1 Pull any time to give Character all special abilities of any other Character in any Conspiracy until end of turn.

On a basic level, it can sort of be used to get around the one-unique-character-at-a-time limitation (if you want the character for its ability), but there are other fun things to do too.

Abusive Things to Do

Like many cards, Personnel Copier can be fun or it can get abusive if used by a Control Addict who cares about nothing but winning. Here are some of the more abusive things to do:

Good Things to Do

Not as abisive and more fun than the above list, here are some interesting abilities to copy.

Fun Things to Do

Being a Cut-Ups card, there has to be some things you can do that are may not help you win too much, but that are silly enough that you have fun.

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