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The Edge

Hey, you're new here, arncha?

Al Amarja's a dangerous place, kid. There's all kinds a' things ya gotta look out for. Never assume nobody wants you dead. That guy over there, f'rinstance. He looks like he's workin' for Compton. If he wants ya' dead, you'll know it pretty quick. Or that guy over there. He's what we call a Cloak. A secret agent. See how he's scopin out that couple there? Must be important for someone somewhere. Quick, duck behind this corner!

Phew. You don't want to make it obvious you're watching someone here. Mind your own business is always a good idea. Get too nosy and you'll get a knife in yer back. Couple words of advice. Never take your hand off your drink, nor your wallet, if ya' know what I'm sayin'. Like that Burger there. He just got robbed and doesn't know it.

Do somethin' about it? Why would I do that? People get relieved from their wealth all the time. If I were to stop that guy, I'd probably get it from some thug tomorrow. So, kid, where ya' headed?

You're picking up fast, kid. Most Burgers don't realize nobody's to be trusted until it's too late. But you don't have to worry 'bout me. I'm a Trident. Somebody's gotta help the common people 'round here. When everybody's out to get ya', it's nice to know some of 'em are on yer side.

You're lookin' for a place to stay, eh? Most a' the Burgers (that's slang for new people like yr' self) hang out in Sunken Barrio. Watcha' should do is take a cab there. Take a Giovanni's cab, not a Total Taxi. Giovanni's a good guy, "A fair price for a fair ride's" their motto. Tell 'em to take ya' to the Sunken plaza. Look for a black woman in a bright shirt. Probly' listnen' to a walkman. Name's Arwa. She'll give ya' some reliable contacts for a place to stay.

Sure thing, son. Nope, don't need no payment, just like to see that the people of Al Amarja get what they need. Good luck findin' your way outta this multi-dimensional airport, though. Usually takes me all day. I think it must be some plot by Gladstiens to get the upper hand.

On the Edge is a collectible card game published by Atlas Games. It is set in The Edge, an urban area of the Mediterranean island of Al Amarja. The laws on Al Amarja tend to be a bit lax, so it is a magnate for drugs, crime, international conspiracies, and people with abnormal powers. It is an award-winning game, plays well with many people, and is quite playable straight out of a starter deck. Due to early misunderstanding of the market, there is a lot more supply of On the Edge than demand. It's easy to find prices over the net under $20 per display box, and Atlas has announced a new marketing strategy to get cheap cards into stores.

If you are a fan of conspiracies, shady views of society, and subtle satire, pick up some On the Edge. You won't be disappointed.

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